Saddest ending ever!

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Saddest ending ever!

Post  Walker on Tue May 04, 2010 9:57 am

If you are planning on watching Air (TV)
do not watch this! This is the end to the whole series!

If you are not planning on watching Air (TV)
(Click to reveal the spoiler)

I just wanted to share this. It is the ending to Air. This girl who is about 18 lives with her mom. She has no friends. She does have a mother though, who lives in a separate part of the house from her. She has never gotten her a birthday present or showed her any attention, so that she would not be attached to her when she has to leave. The girl all of a sudden gets sick. She is at risk of dying. Her mom starts loving her and being nice to her and helping her out that morning and gives her the birthday present she bought 12 years ago. That day this happens:

saddest ending song in the world

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